There’s a reality TV show called “My 600 lb. life” that tell many stories of food addicts and their journeys through weight loss surgery.  With the help of Dr. “Now” in Houston, Texas, a well-known gastric bypass specialist, many find their way to their goals.  Their stories are mesmerizing with the common “comfort” theme weaved into each addict’s story.  My weight never rose to 600 pounds, but at 244, the journey to chase a goal is the same.

I felt like a freak, an oddball, and alone.

Chasing goals is hard.  Problems are commonplace, but there’s always a solution and a process to achieve any level of success.  132 pounds ago I was looking for approval in everything when I realized I had swallowed a menu of lies that left me deceived.  I couldn’t handle the emotional burden any longer so I decided to chase down the beast that was haunting me.

Grace entered my story.

Hope arrived disguised as a silly radio contest which resulted in a fresh new perspective on life.  In one month, after making one change in my caloric intake, I lost 15 pounds, and thus began my journey of overcoming.  In tackling the hard work of this emotional journey I’ve searched, re-discovered my inner strength, and stayed the course.  Combined with my faith, I was honest before the Lord and admitted that I needed help.  Confessions of every size and of any nature are not too much to God and Help came down.  I arrived at my goals without weight loss surgery or diet pills.

The answer lies within.

The Lord freed me from my emotional bondage through a personal study of Psalm 139.  Once I understood the deep love of my Heavenly Father, a new place opened up in my heart and God’s supernatural healing occurred.  God changes you from the inside out.  To God every life has value.  Every day I remind myself of who I am in Christ and how far I have come.  I affirm my character according to God’s nature in me.  And then I continue to focus on my goals.  I’m taming my “beast” within.

Losing weight is beastly but you must trust the process.

1.  Start.  There is no better place to change than right where you are now and there’s no time like the present.  Procrastination offers distractions – don’t go there!

2.  Practice.  There’s truth in the bottom line of the consumption of more calories than you expend.  If you take in the right food choices, you are fueling your body.  If you take in more than you need you are fooling your mind.  Practice good food choices, making good habits work for you instead of habits that sabotage you.

3.  Patience.  Practice, Patience, Practice!  Patience takes time.  You didn’t gain those pounds overnight, did you?  Chasing your goals takes focus, determination, time, and sweat!

Here are 7 more tips:

  1. Submitting to the process and accepting where you are will bring tension.  Tension produces growth.  Accepting growth is uncomfortable.  But allow change to challenge you instead of defeat you.
  2. Stay the course.  I can’t stress this enough.  Most of the excuses brought to the table are justifications for your behavior.  Get over it and decide to NOT give up when you feel like you want to.
  3. Commit to working hard.  You don’t want to be a slave to anything but as they say, “The corn won’t pick itself!”  You are the only one who will take care of you the way you need to be cared for.  This is an individual journey and you are only competing with yourself so relax and have fun with it.
  4. You can do more than you think you can, but you must give yourself permission.  You MUST be willing, teachable, humble, and give grace.
  5. Learn to value pain to move you to your next step.  Let it motivate you or challenge you to grow through it.  Growth is uncomfortable and inconvenient.   Pain has a purpose and is the ultimate professor.
  6. Know what triggers your emotions and manage rebellious feelings.  Food never behaves but to reach your goals you must learn to manage your emotional behavior!
  7. Progress is more impressive than perfection.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and keep one foot in front of the other.

Overall, I’ve learned that a lifestyle of freedom from an addiction is one thing but living free is a whole new level.  Freedom is the ultimate goal.  Living in relationship with God has set me free.  I don’t rely on any food rules anymore.  I now think like a victor instead of reacting as a victim.

The choice is yours.

Choose freedom, it’s worth fighting for.  Along the way, you will find the confidence you need to stay the course.  How do you deal with addiction issues? Please share your successes or struggles in the comments!