I once heard a motivational speech that inspired this post.  After hearing the encouragement I made a list of reasons to give and invest in yourself and others.  So here’s to showing up with your personality in one hand and your calling in the other.

Reasons for showing up:

To thrive in doing the work that matters.

Life is short.

Because you love what you do.

Your passion doesn’t need validation from others.

You desire to leave the world better than you found it.

Careful overcomes careless.

Grace covers your disgrace.

Because you risk it all for a great adventure

To make a difference through words and action.

The world as you know it is your cup; your cup is half-full instead of half empty.

Because you aspire to inspire others.

Heads turn when you walk into a room.

Investments add up over time and last a lifetime.

What are you holding in your hands?