It was a hot day when my two girlfriends and I gathered in the middle of a weed patch to pray.  It seemed like the thing to do given the news one of them shared.  Her husband was in need of a job and the options of finding employment didn’t look good. I said, “Let’s ask God to provide, then watch and see what happens.”  We bowed our heads as the tears fell on our feet.  We gave thanks for the privilege of prayer, called upon His goodness, sought God for peace and asked for assurance for what we couldn’t yet see.

Ps. 37:5 “Commit your way to the Lordtrust in him and he will do this”

We committed our patience to the Lord.

We broke up and then returned to our cars to leave.  That’s when I noticed the thirsty dog running amuck in my new neighbor’s yard.  He was wild and running in a crazy fashion.  “Oh, he’s just having a little fun!” I said.  The more he darted to and fro, the more erratic his behavior seemed.  Yet I smiled as I watched him excitedly dash about.  He seemed to have no concern or care for his madness.

The white, large pup took a circle around the side yard and then headed straight for the outdoor water hydrant.  The water hydrant was at full throttle filling the nearby horse water tank across the wire fence.  Unaware, the dog started to bite the hose connection, then took another circle around the yard.  The dog aggressively repeated this path many times.  I watched and laughed.  My friend noticed though as he bit at the water hose connection his sharp teeth tore at the vinyl hose.

The result was a big pool of water.

All the while, the horse tank filled to capacity and the hose end shifted to pour water on the dry ground.  Now the problem was obvious.  I thought to myself, “We must stop the dog, this rural water is expensive!”  My friend immediately launched into action and began yelling at the dog.  The dog didn’t obey her calls.  She yelled louder and with more emphasis.  “Stop! Stop!” she screamed.   The ornery canine never relented.  After the water was spilling out from both ends, we shook our heads at each other.  She headed to the neighbor’s house just as a young lady finally came out to investigate the commotion.

Hearing the noise, seeing the water spilling every which way, she yelled back at the house.  The young lady tried to command the dog to cease but quickly gave up.  She then ran back into the house to retrieve the owner.  It was bizarre to watch the manic behavior of the crazy dog and how this event unfolded right before our eyes.  The owner came to control the dog. My girlfriends and I got in our respective cars and left for home.

I can’t stop thinking about this crazy dog.

As we prayed for my friend’s need, I silently put before the Lord my own need in finances.  My heart responded as it knew to do as our family is entering a deeper season of trust with our eventual move to a new property.  Relocating after 36 years is a BIG change.  Our family has purchased ten acres, a beautiful and peaceful blank slate, where we will soon retire.  We will not only grow older together there but now have a legacy to pass on to our children.

What a treasure The Meadows (as I have affectionately named it) is and the details surrounding this acquisition is yet to be told.  I knew the Lord was telling me something through the thirsty dog story.  Later as I reflected on the dog’s behavior, I confessed that I have found myself in a similar situation as I’ve waited for God to provide something I already possessed.   Also, I found myself trusting in a source other than God himself which always lands you in a desert with ditches.

I am thirsty to take possession of our land.

I don’t know what the thirsty dog story is speaking to you and perhaps I’m making much of a silly dog’s behavior, but I believe the Lord will work in any situation to reveal Himself to those who are seeking Him.  It was after much prayer and confession I understood the Lord ask me to trust Him in a bigger way for finances and the “how” to live on our new property.  And as I bowed my head the tears fell upon my feet again.  I gave thanks for the privilege of prayer, called upon His goodness, sought God for peace and asked for assurance for what I couldn’t yet see.

Oh and my friend’s husband?  He got the job! We are still taking our new property by storm with slow progress, and we are watching the Lord work through His divine plan to be our Good, Good Shepherd who in every situation takes perfect care of all the details.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.