Since I made my big move outside the normal 9 to 5 job at a radio station, I’ve been working behind the scenes on something I thought I would never do.  I set myself up to focus on a specific goal.  As a result, I’ve maintained a weight loss of over 100 pounds by actively choosing good food choices and a regular exercise plan.

I set to work and focused on my weight loss goal.

I’ve also written a book about my weight loss journey.   These goals didn’t come overnight nor were they easy to achieve.  I have struggled with many issues, suffered many setbacks, and the focus cost me big.  I’ve feared where I only dreamed of going.

I’ve learned a few facts along the way:

  • 95% of you settle for less in life,
  • many of you suffer the yo-yo diet effect,
  • every one of you has a goal, many of them unmet,
  • most live in fear of something,
  • everyone fails at some point in life.

Your focus in life is either active or passive.

For years I struggled in gaining consistency in my health choices.  And after hitting an all-time low I became desperate for change.  I wrestled with many tears and fears.  (Sorry, when I’m sad, I cry).  I then saw that “losing” is more about gaining confidence, one step at a time. Setbacks and failures are really setups for all that is ahead.  By persistence and consistency and making good choices, a greater focus and satisfaction is found.  PLUS confidence is gained along the way.

Success often comes in the form of pain. Goals will cost you dearly.  Life itself is difficult or challenging– but the present is always an opportunity for us to learn, grow and become better than we’ve ever been before.  If you don’t believe me, you can watch this video from Michel Jr., a Christian comedian.  (He says it in a non-cheezy way).  It’s worth your time and you will laugh too.

“The average person lets their emotions dictate their actions, while achievers let their commitments dictate their actions.” – Hal Elrod.

Don’t worry about trying to impress people.  Just focus on how you can add value to their lives.

This message from Micheal Jr. encouraged my calling in a way that I can’t describe.  We all have a part in this life, some of you know what your purpose is but more than likely most of you are going through the motions, caught up in a “when-then” mentality.

So, what do you have to give?

  1. “First there is a set-up and then the punch line.  Your set-up is your talents, resources, and opportunities.  Most of the time we use our opportunities to ensure that the people around us are moving in a direction that serves us.  The punchline occurs in a way that they weren’t expecting.”
  2. Don’t look for an opportunity to take from others, look for every opportunity to give to others.  This change in perspective will change your dynamic.
  3. Why is this important?  The results are the same (as the above) but multiplied.  You receive revelation, fulfillment, and joy but it’s not just for the one receiving your punchline, it’s also for you, the deliverer of the punchline.  In other words, as you give you will receive twice fold, pressed down, shaken together, and added unto.
  4. The punch line is the gift.  Laughter is a gift and what Micheal Jr. brings is his quick wit to uncommon places.

What you carry will make room for you.

Release what you carry in the most uncommon place and it will meet others in the most uncommon place, make them feel at home plus make room for more of what you have to offer.  This message taught me you don’t have to be a comedian to deliver a punch line.  You just have to release what you carry and carry it well.  Only develop what you are passionate about and then give it all you got.  Over time with patience, diligence, and perseverance you will soon discover your “punchline.”

Serve God, try your best, trust the setups.

God is the only one who knows how to stage the greater comeback.  Watch this bonus video!