A Lifestyle Fitted with Hope…

God’s desire for you is one of beauty, dignity, confidence, and strength from the inside out.  Your true essence should come from the knowledge of who you are in Christ, not from a manufacturer’s label.  And your hope should not be put in the sizes hanging in the back of your closet.  Grace for Waist is not just another “how-to” book.  It’s a deeper look at how God’s grace and hope, applied and fitted for your life, can dress you for spiritual success.  Janelle offers a transparent look inside her own personal closet of people-pleasing, rejection, and fear and lovingly provides insights into how to take off the old outfit of “self” and put on the radiant garment of Christ’s love.  Is it time for you to let God’s brilliant truth dim the shame of your past and the sin in your heart?  Are you ready to clean out your “closet?”

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In Grace for Your Waist, Janelle takes you on a vulnerable journey deep into her soul’s “closet.” She authentically shares the negative labels she wore for most of her life that led to her food addiction. Wherever you are in your healing process, her practical application of God’s promises will encourage you to get on the path to freedom.”


– Nancy Stafford, Actress (TV’s “Matlock”), Speaker, and Author 

“I am so encouraged by Janelle’s honesty and authenticity in Grace for Your Waist. The path toward healing is a long, painful one and one you shouldn’t go alone. In the pages of this book, Janelle meets you where you’re at and brings words of health and healing through her own experiences and, most of all, through God’s truths.”

-Susan Merrill, founder of iMom.com