Thank you for picking this place to sit for a moment.  I have labored to create a home that is cozy and comfortable, hoping to shower your day with encouragement and beautiful uniqueness. I hope that within these pages you find meaningful content for whatever step of the journey you are on.  Feel free to come in as often as you’d like, and stay for as long as you can. I look forward to sharing this space, and connecting with you.

Janelle Keith, Hope Specialist

Often life leaves us with our backs against the ropes and nowhere to turn. Today, you may come to the table tired, grieving, or discontent. Doubt not, there is a place for you.

Life is a big burden to bear on our own, so I pray this site ministers to you by serving as a “holy pick me up,” providing divine food that satisfies spiritual hunger.

You did not find me by accident. God is without a doubt alive and ready to meet your needs.

My goal as a believer is to use my gifts to engage the disconnected, empower the discouraged, and equip those looking for guidance in the next steps of their journey.

You can become engaged by connecting with myself and other believers on my Facebook Page and Instagram. You never know, you may find someone that is in the same stage of life as you.

You can find empowerment by reading my weekly blogs on a varitey of topics. Allow the truth to sink deep into your heart and act as a catalyst for personal healing and change.

You can discover the tools and resources necessary to equip you on your personal journey; whether your wading through grief, looking for new perspective, or wisdom.

Come join an interactive community of people just like you!